Competition Rules

Print and Projected Image Competitions



  1. There will be 9 Competitions per year, 3 Print and 6 Projected Image Competitions during the season.


           Themes for the competitions will be "picked out of a hat" by members of the LPC at the AGM. 

            All points given to the entries will count towards Photographer of the Year.

            Images entered in each of the competitions should be no more than 3 years old.


        2.  In the Print  Competitions, each member may enter 2 Prints in each of the Categories.

             In the Panel competition, the 5 Prints will be marked as one entry.  

             In the Projected Image Competition, each member may enter 2 images in each of the Categories.

             In Projected Image Competitions all entries must be submitted one week before the Competition.

             In Print Competitions all Prints to be brought by 7.15pm ON THE NIGHT, together with a completed entry               form.


       3.  In each of the Competitions, an outside Judge will mark the entry out of 10.


       4.  The points will be cumulative over the season.

            Club trophies will be awarded to members scoring the highest number of points in each category at the                end of the season. 


       5.  All entries made in previous LPC competitions will be ineligible.



Other Competitions may be included

       1.      An A/V Competition for the “Casolani Trophy” to be awarded for the best Audio-Visual sequence.

                                                 Maximum length to be 10 minutes.



A Guide to Submitting Work in Club Competitions



       1.  Prints should be mounted, the overall size not exceeding 50cms x 40cms. They must bear the entrant’s               name, the category, and title (if required).      This should be on the back of the print. Prints mounted in                   glass frames cannot be accepted.


2.      All Digital Images must be entered as JPEG files. They must be resized with a maximum horizontal length             of 1920 pixels and a maximum vertical height of 1200 pixels resolution to be left


         All images must be Titled followed by the author's name in brackets.

         e.g       Snow scene (Joe Bloggs).

        Images may be submitted by CD, memory stick or email. Name Category and title should accompany the              entry.


3.      Digital Images can originate from film or digital sources. All elements of the photograph must be the                       original work of the photographer.               


4.      Each Print or Digital Image will be assessed taking into consideration four main criteria.








Definition of Photography for

Competition / Exhibition




Photography may be defined as imagery produced via the action of light on a sensor (be it light-sensitive film or a digital sensor) and that, for EAF Competition / Exhibition purposes, the original image or images must have been initiated and produced by the submitting author. If manipulation is undertaken, this also should be the work of the submitting author. It matters not whether the final image is printed on light-sensitive material or via a printer, connected to a computer or otherwise. The copyright of all elements of a picture must be at the disposal of the submitting author.







1.   Only paid-up members may submit work for the Annual  Exhibition.    


2.  The closing date for entries, both prints and projected images, will be announced at club meetings well in advance.


3.  All members entering work will be fairly represented in the exhibition subject to space limitations on the overall number displayed.


4.  An outside judge will be invited to select the best colour print, the best monochrome print and the best projected image in the Exhibition.