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1st Round of the Print(digital) competition Wednesday 17th March 2021 7.10 pm for 7.30 pm

Firstly, to encourage you all to take part in the Print (digital) competition, this is over three rounds involving two categories, open colour and open mono, two images per person per category. The first round is this coming Wednesday so entries to Rob by this coming Sunday (14th) please. Although this is a competition in its own right and not connected to the previous digital competition which has now finished, the scores will still go through to the photographer of the year competition (POTY) which takes into account every entry score from every competition round.

The maximum image dimensions are width 1920 pixels and height 1200 pixels.

For Club Members only - Digital Images shall be titled with Title (Name) e.g. Lowestoft (Joe Bloggs) any submissions not correctly titled will not be entered. You will receive a link by mail for the Zoom meeting.


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