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An evening with...Kevin Pigney on Wednesday 30th March 2022 at 7.30 pm

Kevin Pigney (ARPS-DPAGB-ASINWP). I am passionate about nature/wildlife and love inspiring others to enjoy the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us in the UK. A couple of years ago I used a selection of my images to create a camera club zoom presentation called MY PASSION FOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY and, since then, I have presented to many clubs throughout the UK:

My talk covers all aspects of my approach to wildlife photography and, although I share many of my favourite and most successful images, I also like to tell a story relating to the images including locations, how I find new subjects and my approach to a new site, fieldcraft etc. I discuss my kit, my settings, my style of image, and processing the RAW files as well as advanced camera techniques.. Essentially, I explain how I get from the image I have in my mind to an image on my memory card.


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