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Howard Denner's talk "Tales from the Pit" on Wednesday 14th October at 7.10pm for a 7.30pm start

As a professional freelance photographer Howard had access to the Royal Albert Hall, O2 Arena and Glastonbury taking pictures of many jazz, blues and rock stars.

Live music is a very specialized area of photography. To start with, penetrating the wall of PR to obtain a photo-pass is a major obstacle in itself. Generally, press photographers are allowed into the 'pit' between the stage & the audience for the first 3 numbers only. Flash is usually prohibited & photographers have to work with the stage lighting as it is. This means coping with constantly changing multiple light sources including strobes. In pre-digital days there was no chance to review images until the film was developed. Furthermore, the performers are constantly on the move making focussing & composition difficult. Then there's the crowd behind throwing beer & worse!

For more information see Howard's website at


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